Teacher, Massage Therapist, Childbirth Educator Gold Coast

About Power of Touch

About Anne

My experiences, education and training led me to create a unique business which allows me to share with my clients a range of services designed to support women in various stages of their lives.

As a Midwife with decades of experience to a massage therapist I offer support, education and The Power of Touch.

Having witnessed the amazing effects of massage and touch relaxation for women during childbirth, my interest in complementary therapies grew. I naturally have a keen interest in pregnancy massage and infant massage but enjoy all forms of massage, focusing on women’s health.

I am certified in Lymphatic Drainage Massage for the treatment of people with lymphedema and lipoedema. The women I treat also appreciate my medical background and mature approach. I am a registered therapist with the Lymphoedema Association of Queensland.

Contact me and we can discuss the options and choices available to suit your needs.

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