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Anne Cifuentes

Power of Touch - Midwife Gold Coast
Power of Touch allows me to provide you with a personalised service, tailored to meet your needs. As an experienced Midwife, Childbirth educator and Massage Therapist my unique blend of skills enables me to offer a very comprehensive and complementary range of services. These include Prenatal Classes and Massage Therapies, specialising in women’s health and pregnancy.
I look forward to seeing you.
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Massage Therapy

Discover the amazing benefits of massage therapy and why many see it as an essential part of health and wellbeing.

Pregnancy & Postnatal Massage

Soothing, nurturing massage provided by someone experienced in dealing with pregnant women offers a most enjoyable and effective way of reducing stress and promoting wellbeing.

Prenatal Classes

Comprehensive range of topics are discussed in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere, to help build confidence and knowledge, as you prepare for your birth and parenthood.

Business hours for Massage:
Tuesday to Friday: 9.30am - 6.00pm
Saturdays: by appointment

"I went to Prenatal classes at Pindara hospital where Anne held classes. She was such a wealth of knowledge and made the whole lead up to the birth much more comfortable for myself and my husband. Her experience as a midwife made me much more at ease and I learnt so much more from Anne then I could have from any magazine or book.
Whilst at the classes I found out Anne also did pre natal massage which I went to on a weekly basis after 32 weeks, it was the only time in the last trimester that I felt completely relaxed comfortable and in a world of peace.

Her technique was both gentle and also soothing. The baby also felt relaxed inside my tummy.
I highly recommend Anne to anyone who has high anxiety about birth and being a mother, I did and with her help I managed to overcome many fears I had."

Kristy (Pregnancy Massage)

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