Pregnancy & Postnatal Massage Gold Coast

Pregnancy massage offers you one of the most enjoyable and effective ways of reducing stress and promoting physical and emotional well-being. Many of the stresses that the body endures during the prenatal and postnatal periods can be alleviated through the hands of a professional massage therapist, particularly one like myself, experienced in working with pregnant women.

Soothing, nurturing touch, combined with focused individualized attention to a woman’s physical and emotional needs, helps create relaxation and balance in the body, with reduced fear and anxiety.

You will feel safe, supported and comfortable during this most nurturing of massages.

Many of my clients describe it as feeling like they are… ‘lying in clouds’.

I am aware what precautions to take and pressures to use, when massage is not appropriate and how to position you comfortably and safely. A full and detailed medical and pregnancy history will be taken before the massage and I also allow time to discuss various issues and answer questions. My pregnant clients feel confident and reassured by my years of experience as a midwife. I have also studied and attended many additional seminars and workshops and I am certified in pregnancy massage.

My extensive experience and training in pregnancy massage ensures your ultimate comfort and safety and you will always be positioned appropriately for your stage of pregnancy.

I choose not to position you face down as this is not a normal position while pregnant and can be very uncomfortable. You will be positioned on your side, supported with a range of pillows. The whole body can be massaged in this position with extra focus if necessary on any problem areas.

Come and experience why many women after having a pregnancy massage return time and time again and continue the massages until their baby’s due date.

You will feel truly pampered.

Postnatal Massage

Motherhood provides many rewards and challenges. Your body is recovering from the pregnancy and birth as you care for your new baby. Tiredness and fatigue are common as a new mother as you focus on your new role. Postnatal massage can help alleviate some of the stress and strain on the body as a result of lifting, carrying and feeding your baby.

Often poor posture while breastfeeding your baby can result in muscle tension, back and neck pain. As an experienced midwife and educator, I can offer advice on posture and good feeding positions.

Massage can provide an important ‘time out’ with focused attention on you. It will lift your energy levels, ease tension and stress and make you feel relaxed.